Book Promotion

Book promotions give new author/new release the attentiveness that it needs.      

With this service, you will get the social media (Facebook) presence that your book deserves. As a member of multiple promotional author and book groups, I will post your book as many times as you have requested under the selected package. As well, your book will be featured on our blog site for the number of days listed under the selected package.     

What will you get besides promotional posts:   

•You will get a schedule of the days that your book will be posted.  

•On the day of each scheduled post, you will be given snapshots showing where your book has been posted.  


Simplicity~2 posts in a one-week period. ($5)  

Intricacy~4 posts in a two-week period. ($10)  

Complexity~8 posts in a four-week period. ($25)

If you would like longer than a month or are looking for a different approach like preorder promotion, release day/week promotion or your book just needs a push after the release or you know what package you want, please click the button below.

Book Formatting

In order to publish your ebook, it has to be in a certain format. 

What you get when you format your book with us:  

•Word doc or docx converted in to Kindle (mobi), ePub and PDF.   

•Unlimited number of pages converted (without images).   

•Clickable ToC.   


If you’d like to add chapter images or images throughout your book, please contact us to discuss pricing.